He is dangerous.....He is cute.....He is a bunnny:)
Lord Voldemhop...
  In honour of the coming easter we the crazies of The Pumpkin Head will be releasing a line of bunnys.
With all of your favorite characters in a cute, easter themed (bunnys and chicks), plushy version of themselves.
  Comming first will be the pair that started and ended it all, the evil, smart, cunning and cute Lord Voldemhop, and the heroic, sweet, savior of the wizarding world, the boy who hopped, Hare Potter!


Jewelry Fair 2011 - Amazing Stores!

I'm taking pics of myself wearing some jewelry. They will be in the fair next 09-16.
In this pic, I'm wearing a necklace and bracelet with ancient Egypt theme.
Jewelry by AIDORU
Hair: Alli&Ali
Shape and Skin: Belleza
Eyes: Lost Princess Eyes by PIDIDDLE
 In this pic, I'm wearing a necklace, earrings and bracelet with pearls and a black ribbon.
So romantic!
Jewelry by Beloved Jewelry
Hair: Alli&Ali
Shape and Skin: Belleza
Eyes: Lost Princess Eyes by PIDIDDLE

In this pic, I'm wearing a necklace and earrings. It looked so delicated....I choosed a Cinderella look to match it. 
Jewelry: !Adorned! Waves Set 
Hair: Nushru
Shape and Skin: Belleza

Eyes: Lost Princess Eyes by PIDIDDLE

Jewelry Fair 2011 Press Release

The Jewelers of Second Life are proud to announce Jewelry Fair 2011 – The Elements. 4 sims full of jewelry and jewelry related items from some of the most incredible talent in Second Life, come together to offer a feast of jewels, precious metals and amazing treats.

Come share a moment with the amazingly talented Jewelers of Second Life as we explore the 4 Elements from September 16-25, on an amazingly designed 4 sim experience.  From the floating fantasy islands of Earth with jewels and trinkets woven into the branches and leaves, to the ruins of Fire complete with flames and jewels, to the tropical oasis of Water finding the gems hidden amongst the bamboo, and finally the serenity and elegance of the clouds far above in Air, there is plenty to feast your eyes on.

More than 100 merchants have come together to bring you this amazing and breathtaking event.  Come prepared to be amazed!  Merchants include jewelry designers, pose stores with jewelry poses as well as jewelry supply stores to offer a huge array of choices in style, design, and products.

Join us in exploring jewelry design at one of the jewelry classes offered by some of the top teachers in Second Life and even learn how to create some very simple jewelry pieces yourself.

Proceeds from Jewelry Fair 2011 benefit Oxfam International, an international charity that reflects the international nature of Second Life itself! Charity vendors, one of a kind auctions, and even Gacha machines will all be available at the fair that donate money!

Organized by Cara Ametza with sim designs and builds by the talented Angelica Leiner of Angelic Designs assisted by Roseana Pera of Pixie Paradise.



Yayyyyyy, the next movie will be on the theather next 07/15

It all ends - by Punk Gothic Girl

It's next movie and last one.... Aww, we will miss you Harry, Hermione, Ron....
We already bought our tickets and we were wondering bout how to do to honor these great books and movies. Well, it's SL, so we decided to run a mini hunt to celebrate.It will start in Asha, then you will use the Floo Fireplace to go to the other sites!
You will look for this:
Yes, you will hunt for Hallows!

There are 25 hallows with a prize. All hallows will give you a diferent T-shirt, with one of the movie posters, but....Who knows? Maybe one of them has something more:)
Take a peek of our crew weaing some of them.



 This neat outfit was made to the teachers who don't want to wear just robes. 
Shirt and vest (on the same layer)
Trench coat

The shirt and vest can be used as a single jacket layer if you wish to wear the outfit without the trench coat.In this pic, the av is wearing Pants Layer, Vest and Shirt Jacket Layers, Gloves and Shirt lace Cuffs.  The lace  cuff goes great with just the shirt.

The shirt and vest can be used as undershirt and pants layer together if you wish to wear the coat.
The pants can be found in the underwear and pants layer to match your needs.
The trench coat comes in jacket layer and several prim attachments, 2 sholder pads, the coat lower part and 2 cuffs  cuff in black and gold like the coat.
If you don't want to show your pants while you move, wear the skirt too.


The set also brings a bow tie with ruffle to the av neck and a tophat. In this pic, we can se the  bow tie with ruffle.
This avatar is wearing  skin Ashton, by Belleza and hair  Clint Gold Brown, by alli & Ali
Eveything is mod/copy/no transfer, except the itens with resize script, they don't need to be mod.
We added a pair of boots as a freebie, because it's our first pair of boots with an alpha layer:)