Yayyyyyy, the next movie will be on the theather next 07/15

It all ends - by Punk Gothic Girl

It's next movie and last one.... Aww, we will miss you Harry, Hermione, Ron....
We already bought our tickets and we were wondering bout how to do to honor these great books and movies. Well, it's SL, so we decided to run a mini hunt to celebrate.It will start in Asha, then you will use the Floo Fireplace to go to the other sites!
You will look for this:
Yes, you will hunt for Hallows!

There are 25 hallows with a prize. All hallows will give you a diferent T-shirt, with one of the movie posters, but....Who knows? Maybe one of them has something more:)
Take a peek of our crew weaing some of them.

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