This neat outfit was made to the teachers who don't want to wear just robes. 
Shirt and vest (on the same layer)
Trench coat

The shirt and vest can be used as a single jacket layer if you wish to wear the outfit without the trench coat.In this pic, the av is wearing Pants Layer, Vest and Shirt Jacket Layers, Gloves and Shirt lace Cuffs.  The lace  cuff goes great with just the shirt.

The shirt and vest can be used as undershirt and pants layer together if you wish to wear the coat.
The pants can be found in the underwear and pants layer to match your needs.
The trench coat comes in jacket layer and several prim attachments, 2 sholder pads, the coat lower part and 2 cuffs  cuff in black and gold like the coat.
If you don't want to show your pants while you move, wear the skirt too.


The set also brings a bow tie with ruffle to the av neck and a tophat. In this pic, we can se the  bow tie with ruffle.
This avatar is wearing  skin Ashton, by Belleza and hair  Clint Gold Brown, by alli & Ali
Eveything is mod/copy/no transfer, except the itens with resize script, they don't need to be mod.
We added a pair of boots as a freebie, because it's our first pair of boots with an alpha layer:)

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